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Restorative Dental Bridges in Abilene KS

When a tooth is lost, the teeth on either side of the gap are instantly put at risk. The arch which provides support for all of the teeth is compromised, and the adjacent teeth will start to drift into the gap, begin to loosen, and will eventually be lost themselves.

The process will repeat itself over and over until most or all of the teeth in the arch have fallen out. The bone in the jaw below the teeth will also start to dissolve, and the lips and cheeks will become sunken in.

Our Abilene, KS dentists and our team have several solutions for lost teeth, the most common of which is bridgework to span the gaps, support the adjacent teeth, and give you back your smile with a natural-looking, tooth-colored restoration.

Dental Bridge Procedure

At your first visit, a mold is made of the gap and the teeth on either side (also known as abutment teeth). A mold is taken, and a bridge is created that looks like your original tooth (or teeth). The part that looks like a tooth is called a pontic; this is normally made of porcelain that will look and feel like your original tooth.

At your second visit, the bridge is attached to the abutment teeth using small metal clasps or precision attachments. The arch of your teeth is restored, and the remaining teeth supported. You will be able to chew and speak normally, and your cheek and lip will be filled out correctly.

A properly customized and installed bridge can last between 10 and 20 years. The one drawback to a bridge is that the bone underneath the gum below the missing tooth or teeth will very slowly start to dissolve without the tooth root(s) to support. Dental implants are a more permanent option which can last a lifetime and prevent bone deterioration.

You can expect to have some temperature and pressure sensitivity for a few days after your bridge installation, but this should wear off within a week or two. You should maintain your strict at-home oral hygiene regimen to keep the adjacent teeth strong and healthy.

If you think a dental bridge can restore your smile, call our Abilene dental office to request an appointment for a consultation.

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